RCF Athlete Profile: Kayla

Mark your calendars!
Monday Mayhem starts Monday, July 27 and concludes the Tuesday after Labor Day. We have a blood drive on Monday, August. 31, so we moved it to the Tuesday after so everyone gets back from vacation in an effort to be fair. Athletes must check in on Facebook and complete the workouts at Raleigh CrossFit.
Community WOD day and Mother-Daughter Workout, Saturday, Aug 1 at 9a or 1030a
Marbles Kids Museum on Sunday, Aug. 9 at 1230p-130p – We would love to have your kids join us as part of the Raleigh CrossFit-Marbles Museum CrossFit demo squad!
Groove in the Garden for Pour House, Saturday, Aug. 22, Raleigh Rose Garden. Live, local music, vendors and US (we are doing a booth/tent from 12-5p)!  Tickets for the event are $10.
American Red Cross Blood Drive, Mon., August 31 from 230-7p There are still spots available.
Carolina Railhawks, Friday, Sept. 4: Game is at 730p. Join us! Find Coach Atti for more information on how to get your discounted group ticket.
One class only on Labor Day, 900a.
We are doing an Olympic Lifting Course.  We have 12 spots, 4 have been filled so far. Dates: Tuesdays and Saturdays, starting Sept. 29 and ending Nov. 21.
Barbells for Boobs is finally on Halloween!  Saturday, Oct. 31 at 900a. Info to be posted soon!  We consistently have a blast and I really want to make this year a special one considering it is on Halloween! Since 2011, Raleigh CrossFit has done 30 Clean and Jerks for time in COSTUME while raising money for Barbells For Boobs.
This will also kick off… MOVEMBER!  Grow that stache!
We got the boobs covered now let’s save some balls.
Movember will be kicked off on Oct. 31!


We encourage you to choose to fundraise for both Barbells for Boobs and Movember or one of them.  We understand your ability to concentrate on raising money for both is difficult, but we want you to support either the boobs or the balls, so join us in the fundraising efforts in October, November or both!

The Movember event will take place on Saturday, Nov. 28 at 900a.  Event information to follow!


Raleigh CrossFit Athlete Profile: Kayla

Kayla hasn’t always been sold on working out or “training”. She has been gently nudged by her friends and husband Jordan (who also trains at Raleigh CrossFit), but really what has happened is that Kayla has become a source of inspiration for others. Unknowingly, while she was “gently pushed” to train, Kayla has grown to enjoy doing burpees, waking up early to meet up with the 600a crew and has set and achieved many CrossFit and non-CrossFit training goals in the process. All of this is evident, not only because of her gracious smile before the sun rises, but also in her presence. Kayla has created a new Kayla… a self-confident, burpee monster, running machine, who loves to train with her friends and fellow athletes, and takes time out of her day to enjoy the fruits of her labor – a healthy, well-rounded life – one that includes friendship, laughs, love, music and a few beers along the way. Thank you Kayla for sharing your Raleigh CrossFit story!




Name: Kayla Horst

Hometown: Pilot Mountain, NC – also known as Mount Pilot from The Andy Griffith Show

School: UNC Chapel Hill, currently in grad school at NC State (I’ll always be a Tarheel at heart!)

Occupation: Marketing Communications at Eaton

Family: Husband, Jordan and 3 pups, Buster Brown, Grace Lynn and Sir Walter Raleigh


When did you start at Raleigh CrossFit?

Technically I joined in June 2014, but I didn’t start coming more than 1-2 times a week until May of this year.


Why did you start CrossFit?

I do not like to work out. However, it is a necessary evil. Most of my family struggles with their weight. I had no issue until college. Beer and late night eating was a terrible combination! I knew I needed to get control of my weight before things got out of hand. I signed up for a half marathon and asked JMart for advice. It wasn’t long before I was running with her on the weekends!

For a while JMart, Kate and I worked together. We would run laps around the parking lot and longer distances on the weekends. I loved it because it was an opportunity for me to hang out with friends while getting some exercise. If I didn’t run with Kate and JMart, I didn’t run at all. Exercising was (and still is!) a purely social activity for me. Eventually I was introduced to Katherine (KMac) when we all signed up for Tough Mudder. They all joined Raleigh CrossFit to prep, but at the time I lived in Wake Forest so I didn’t join them.

Fast forward to May 2014 – Jordan and I bought a house in the same neighborhood as JMart and KMac. Shortly after, we joined Raleigh CrossFit. I didn’t start working out consistently until this year when Kate moved back to Raleigh. She challenged me to join her at 6AM and I have not looked back. The 6AM crew is so great, so I get to socialize with awesome people while working out! It’s a win-win!

Jordan and Kayla spent part of their anniversary at Raleigh CrossFit. How awesome is that!

Jordan and Kayla spent part of their anniversary at Raleigh CrossFit. How awesome is that!

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

There are so many! I’m proud of myself for just walking in the doors. I don’t consider myself a “serious CrossFitter” and honestly I don’t know if I ever will. I just love coming and getting a great workout in while hanging out with friends.

That being said, I am extremely proud of how far I’ve come. When I started I HATED burpees. I could not do more than two without lying on the floor face down, wondering if I would ever be able to push myself up again. I honestly thought I was going to die while I was on the ground. Burpees are still really hard for me, but I don’t hate them. It takes about me 15 to get to the point of “I’m going to die!!” now! Hopefully by this time next year I’ll be able to do 30+!

Kayla with sisters Karli and Keri.

Kayla with sisters Karli and Keri.

What have you learned about yourself since starting CrossFit?

I am not as weak as I think I am. I still struggle with pushing myself, but I’m getting better! I can credit that to the awesome coaches that push me when I need to be pushed.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to hang out with Jordan and our pups, usually while we watch Netflix. (We’re both sad that we finished Sons of Anarchy!) I also like to spend time with my friends and my sisters, Keri and Karli. I also love the beach!


How does working out with friends keep you motivated, change your perspective, etc.?

I mentioned that exercise is a social activity for me. Kate, Katherine, Jennifer and I don’t get to work out at the same time during the week, but I LOVE weekend workouts with them! We always keep each other entertained! I also have made so many great friends at Raleigh CrossFit. I absolutely love the community! I thrive in a place where I feel comfortable and loved – the Raleigh CrossFit community provides that for me each and every time I’m there.

Also, thanks to Raleigh CrossFit I have met so many inspiring women! I love that women I once considered my “CrossFit friends” are now my true friends.


Anything else you would like to add regarding your experience at Raleigh CrossFit or anything else?

I’d just like to thank all the coaches for being patient with me when I complain about having “big girl problems” or not being strong enough to even hang on the bar. Each coach brings their own flair to coaching, but every RCF coach makes me want to try a little harder and take CrossFit just a little bit more seriously.

2015 Triangle Invitational – You know you want to


The 2015 Triangle Invitational – One of the Funnest CrossFit Competitions in the Area

Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25, 2015 at:

CrossFit RTP
4909 S Alston Ave
Durham, NC 27713

Scaled events will be held on Saturday, October 24.

Rx events will be held Sunday, October 25.

Times: Specific times will be posted closer to the event.

Cost: $480 for the team ($80/each)



All teams must be composed of 3 males and 3 females.

Divisions (Each gym may send only one Rx team, but unlimited Scaled teams)

Rx (Looking for 2 males!)



Team athletes must be active members of the registered gym as of June 1, 2015. If gym owners are to compete, they are expected to do so with their own gym.


Scaled Team Information

Not all members of the team display competency in basic CF movements at standard prescribed loading and reps. It is acceptable to have multiple athletes that fit the “Rx” competency level compete as members of a scaled team.


There is no “minimum movement requirement” for the Scaled division. That is, if a particular athlete cannot perform a movement, a suitable scale will be used for that athlete, and the scoring will reflect the scale used.


All athletes who TRAIN AT RALEIGH CROSSFIT SHOULD CONSIDER DOING THIS EVENT! We have a blast! Sign up on the sheet and we will get you placed on a team that is complimentary to everyone’s abilities!


Movement Standards and Structure

Movement standards beyond the competencies listed above will be published here soon. Teams should expect 3-6 workouts over the course of 1 day. The first WOD will be released one week before the event, including video demos when appropriate, along with movement standards. At least 1 workout will be reserved for release on the day of competition.


All team members will receive a competition t-shirt and prizes for the top three teams in each division.



Join us for this very fun event. It is competitive, meaning you are competing against other area CrossFit affiliate teams, but you ARE READY! There is no pressure if you cannot do a movement. This seems to be the biggest hold up for some athletes. If you have ever wanted to do a CrossFit competition, this one should be it. Not only do you have a chance to do at least 4 workouts with 5 other teammates, but you will have fun memories to last a life time and see all of your hard work pay off in a different setting.


Raleigh CrossFit has gone to this event the last three years. We set up a tent, pitch chairs, a rolling area, take care of babies, eat, drink and be merry. We sure would love it if you joined us!


If you are up for the fun, please put your name on the sign up sheet at the front desk. Provide your payment of $80 to the coach on duty. Sign up and payment is due by August 1.

The registration is first come, first serve and we don’t want to miss out! Not to mention the price increases soon after!

Monday Mayhem – Learn How

Introducing Monday Mayhem


Beginning Monday, July 27 and concluding Tuesday, Sept. 8 (Monday is Labor Day), we will be doing a very special 6-week program. There is no cost to participate, but the prizes will be worth it! It is called, “Monday Mayhem.”



What is Monday Mayhem?

6 weeks. 6 high-volume training sessions.

Monday Mayhem is for the strong-willed athlete, the athlete who strives to be their best and is looking for that extra special challenge. It is specifically designed to be high volume, lengthy and simply, “challenging”. These workouts will be PURE CROSSFIT. Remember, CrossFit is defined as “Functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity.” As athletes we do not require HIGH VOLUME every day. In fact, you don’t want that. We are putting your minds and bodies to the test. You will be able to scale as needed, as is the case with every training session. There is no doubt the workout will provide the feedback you need to know you are scaling accordingly. However, we are putting you in charge of your training by providing an incentive to push your own personal limits.


The expectation: you gave it your all. The reward: you did it and you will feel proud that you did.


Are you ready?


What happens if you complete the workouts and check-in all six weeks on Facebook? PRIZES!

You are entered in a drawing to win a free month’s membership! Coach Chennelle will review and keep record of all check-ins, attendance on Monday and completion of the training. One winner of a free month’s membership will be drawn at the end of the 6 weeks. We will also draw three additional names. Those three individuals will get 30% off 1, 2lb. bag of Strong Faster Healthier Protein of their choice.

To be eligible to enter the drawing:

  • Must check-in at Raleigh CrossFit on Facebook all 6 weeks (EACH MONDAY). Check-in is done through our Raleigh CrossFit business page, so if you haven’t “liked” it or checked in before, you will need to do that first or you can also check-in via your own Facebook Newsfeed (see photo below). Not sure how to check-in? Click this link! This takes no time at all to do. Practice checking in now, before the Mayhem begins!
  • Must participate in each Monday Mayhem workout AT Raleigh CrossFit.
    • July 27
    • August 3
    • August 10
    • August 17
    • August 24
    • Sept. 8 (Yes, it’s a Tuesday, but Monday is Labor Day and we know some of you are out of town.)  Also, moved it from August 31 because of the Blood Drive.  Sign up, there are still spots!
  • Must complete each Monday Mayhem workout.
  • You do not have to register or sign up anywhere. Just check-in, show up, get to work!


This is going to be amazing! And if you all show commitment to the cause, I may just keep Monday Mayhem around for awhile!



To check-in on FB, click the check-in button at the top right of your news feed. Search for Raleigh CrossFit nearby and select it. You can add details about the workout or just leave as is.

To check-in on FB, click the check-in button at the top right of your news feed. Search for Raleigh CrossFit nearby and select it. You can add details about the workout or just leave as is.



Raleigh CrossFit Athlete Profile: John G.

Upcoming Activities

  • Ronald McDonald Fundraiser. Bring in your can tabs and also some items to donate. This will begin July 1.  Read more here. Coach Atti will have a list of items we need and we will cross them off as they’re received. Keep an eye out for our giving tree!
  • Saturday, July 18 at 1000a. Beers and Barbells!  $15 for an awesome workout, beer and food! Join us!
  • August 1, Community Workout and Mother-Daughter Workout with Ivivva. More details to follow!
      Saturday, August 1; 900-1000a or 1030a-1130aDo you have a friend who is interested in CrossFit but for whatever reason hasn’t tried a class with us? Bring them on Saturday, August 1 at 900a or 1030a and let them see what it’s all about! There is no charge for them to try a class and no obligation at all! We just your friends to be our friends.
      Saturday, August 1; 1030a-1130p, ivivva Raleigh will be host a trunk show to display their clothing line for girls while the mother’s and daughters do a partner workout together!Girls ages: 5-14 and their moms or female guardian :)RSVP and invite some friends. Check out the FB Event Page.
  • Saturday, August 8: 31 Heroes WOD. Partner Workout. Fundraiser, t-shirt with registration.
    • Ready to sweat? The 5th Annual 31 Heroes Project WOD will take place at Raleigh CrossFit August 8 (just 1 week after the global WOD). Accept the challenge and register today.Raleigh CrossFit has been doing this workout for the last 4 years! Each year we have an amazing time and it would be awesome to see another fun year!
    • This is open to all area CrossFitters, so bring your friends. Have them register at the link above. Heats will begin at 900a and run until completed.The Workout
      AMRAP (as many reps as possible) in 31 minutes to honor the 31 Heroes who gave their lives on August 6, 20118-6-11 reps in memory of August 6, 2011
      8 Thrusters (155/105#)
      6 Rope Climbs (15 ft. ascent)
      11 Box Jumps (30/24)
      * Like the warriors of our armed services, this WOD is about working together, sacrificing yourself for your teammate, and accomplishing the mission together. Partner 1 performs the workout listed above. Partner 2 runs 400m with a sandbag (45/25). When Partner 2 returns from the run, Partner 1 will grab the sandbag, and begin their 400m run, while Partner 2 continues the workout where Partner 1 left off.

Raleigh CrossFit Athlete Profile: John G.


Name: John Geddie

Hometown: Elizabeth City, NC

School: NC State University

Occupation: Insurance Agent

Family: Wife (Carrie) and twin 6 year old boys (Matt and Henry)

Written by: Coach Rebecca


Thank you for taking the time to chat with us John.  As a quick introduction, John is typically a morning guy, training at 600a or 930a, but on occasion, you may see him the afternoon.

When did you start at Raleigh CrossFit?

January 2014 – still remember the first workout which included some combo of air squats and running. Seemed easy enough on the board since I considered myself a good runner, but the air squats kicked my butt and I watched just about everyone in the class blow by me before the end.

Why did you start CrossFit?

My wife Carrie gave me a 1 month trial membership for Christmas. She knew I’d like it, but probably would never sign up if left to do so on my own. At the time, I was running and doing P90x, both of which were solitary. The competitive nature of CrossFit appealed to me and continues to push me.

John with wife Carrie and twin boys, who have also doing the CrossFit Kids Program with us.

John with wife Carrie and twin boys, who have also doing the CrossFit Kids Program with us.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Hanging out at the pool in the summer, fixing stuff around the house, and watching anything related to college sports – particularly NC State games.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Completing 2 Murphs without dying of a heart attack! But seriously, lifting almost 200 lbs straight up over my head has to be the biggest achievement.

What have you learned about yourself since starting CrossFit?

That I like to suffer? Because no matter how bad I hurt the day after a workout, I can almost always find the energy to go the next day’s workout.

Anything else you would like to add regarding your experience at Raleigh CrossFit or anything else?

CrossFit continues to keep my interest because I’ve had several good workout buddies during my 18+ months. Many of them have come and gone, but having someone you work out without regularly keeps you motivated – otherwise you feel like you are letting them down if you don’t show up. Plus, you wouldn’t want them to get too far ahead of you!!


John performing a wall walk.

John performing a wall walk.

Welcome to the Staff: Nicole Savage

Hello Raleigh CrossFitters! It is with pleasure that I announce Nicole Savage as an addition to the Raleigh CrossFit coaching staff. Nicole is a native of Matthews, NC and graduated from North Carolina State University in 2012 with a BA in Communications. In addition to her passion for CrossFit, Nicole works as a business analyst with Cisco Systems. Prior to her position at Cisco, Nicole spent a summer as a lead camp counselor at Camp Cheerio and served as the Delta Gamma Director of Committees at NC State.

When she isn’t busy working, Nicole enjoys CrossFitting, which has done for over 3 years, attending music concerts and being in the outdoors.

We are excited to have Nicole’s extensive CrossFit training background, leadership and counseling abilities, as well as her bright personality to add to our diverse coaching staff. Nicole will begin the coaching mentorship program immediately and has already taken her CrossFit Level 1 certification.

For more information about Nicole and the mentorship program, please continue reading below.


Coach Nicole

Coach Nicole


Nicole Savage

From: Matthews, NC


  • Bachelor of Communications
    • North Carolina State University, 2012

 CrossFit Background

  • Over three years training experience
  • Competitive CrossFit
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course, June 2015

Athletic Background

  • Lacrosse Club team at NC State
  • Competitive cheerleading and lacrosse in high school


Q and A with Coach Nicole



What are your goals as a coach and as an athlete over the course of the next 6 months and a year?

I want to become a coach that the athletes really count on and talk to. I thrive off of interpersonal relationships and building those in a community that also loves what I love, CrossFit!  Coaching: I’d love to teach kids one day. Athlete: I’d like to keep learning and growing, which will never change!


Describe why you have pursued coaching as a way to be involved with CrossFit.

CrossFit completely changed my life mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. I would not be the confident person I am today without it. If I can encourage others to try it, I am going to do it. Coaching will add validity to the things I am saying and show passion for something that is so positive.


Name three aspects of coaching that you enjoy and why.

  1. Relationships – I LOVE meeting people. I don’t have a problem talking to a stranger. By being a CrossFit coach, it will allow me to build relationships that already have a unique bond. Most athletes have friends who don’t CrossFit, so, when you can build a lasting friendship with the basis of living a healthy, active lifestyle – the friendship pretty much forms itself. Then, it just grows through respect and genuine joy.
  1. Accountability – Being someone that people can rely on has always been something I strive for. Having athletes in a class that know I am going to come with a full heart and give it my best is all I could ask for in my day.
  1. Fear of the unknown – Chartering new territory is always a thrill that I’ve been drawn to without even realizing it. I do way better under pressure and being in a situation where I know that I don’t know all the answers (as stressful as it can be) also makes me a better person. I know there will be scenarios and questions that I don’t know the exact right answer to, but I crave those situations. I feel this way about all aspects of my life, which includes my career, coaching and training.


As a mentor/coach, what are 3 characteristics your athletes would say about you?  

  1. Happy – always smiling
  2. Approachable
  3. Laid back


From Coach Chennelle

“Nicole was a positive presence in our Raleigh CrossFit community from the first encounter with me. Through observation and interaction with her as an athlete, it was clear that Nicole would bring a positive presence to our already motivated and exuberant coaching staff at Raleigh CrossFit. In addition to that, Nicole instantly blended in with the athletes in our community, reached out to them immediately and within the first week she had asked about the next Raleigh CrossFit community event! She gives 100% effort in every aspect of her life, which is evident in her continued success upon graduating from NC State. Her interactions with people are driven to help them build confidence in themselves and I am excited to see that occur as a coach and mentor at Raleigh CrossFit.”


Coach Nicole at Raleigh CrossFit.

Coach Nicole at Raleigh CrossFit.


About the Coaching Mentorship Program

All persons who express interest to become a coach at Raleigh CrossFit must first go through an interview process. They are then assigned to the coaching mentorship program, which involves over 100 hours of assessment, shadowing and working with Raleigh CrossFit Owner Chennelle, as well as our veteran coaches prior to taking a class as the lead coach. Additionally, this mentorship program includes shadowing current coaches, observing, assessing, warm-ups, cool-downs, instruction of the foundations courses and gradual participation as lead coaches under the guidance of our current full-time coaching staff. Our coaching staff at Raleigh CrossFit is built on various disciplines of skill, experience, communication skills, attitude, professionalism and a strong history in the ability to both set goals and achieve them.



Summer Training Tips

Quick Hits

– Join us this Sunday at Ivivva Raleigh. From 1200-100p Raleigh CrossFit will be offering a community workout for girls ages 5-14.  It’s Free!  Bring your child and some friends and see how much they can enjoy some CrossFit training.

– Liberty Run 5k, Saturday, June 27 at 830a at Wake Med Soccer Park Trail. Register here and join Raleigh CrossFit as we hit the trails!  All profits go directly to Amputee Coalition of America, a national non-profit organization. Amputee Coalition is the nation’s leading organization on limb loss. With the generous support of the public, they are helping amputees live well with limb loss, raising awareness about limb loss prevention and ensuring amputees have a voice in matters affecting their ability to live full, thriving lives.


How can you continue making strides with the heat, humidity, summer plans and erratic training schedule? Follow some simple tips and you will continue to be successful!

1. Training + recovery = improvement

– Train hard

– Sleep (take at least 1 day per week to rest)

2. Hydrate

– During heavy exercise in a hot environment, drink two to four glasses (16-32 ounces) of cool fluids each hour. So, this means, when you are training at Raleigh CrossFit during the summer heat and humidity, plan to bring water and drink it throughout the hour. This doesn’t mean slam the amazing H2O in your Raleigh CrossFit blender bottle. This means take small sips to maintain hydration levels while you train.

– Outside of the training, continue to drink fluids. Remember that what you drink today affects your hydration levels tomorrow.

3. Plan out your training days. Just because you are on “vacation” doesn’t mean you can’t continue to exercise. We have several travel workouts you can do with minimal equipment, some of which you can do without any at all and you can even have your friends join in.  I guarantee you will feel awesome while on on your break if you spend 30 minutes doing some physical exercise while on vacation and you won’t feel “guilty” for missing a training session at Raleigh CrossFit.

Link to travel workouts

Link to local CrossFit affiliates to drop-in. If you haven’t visited another CrossFit affiliate, we encourage you to reach out to those in the area where you will be staying. Each place has a different drop-in policy, so please call or email ahead of time to provide your training background and find out what their requirements are for dropping in to train.

4. HAVE FUN. Training is supposed to be fun. When you are in town at your home, get into Raleigh CrossFit. Your friends and coaches miss you when you are gone!

backsquats - 1

Tommy working on his 5 RM back squat.

backsquats - 2

Peter looking focused during his squat session.


Alex Is St. Louis Bound

RALEIGH, NC — Raleigh CrossFit is proud to announce that Alex Augustine will be representing Raleigh CrossFit and Raleigh Strength and Conditioning at the 2015 USA Weightlifting Regional Championship One. The event is slated for April 30-May 2 in St. Louis, Mo.


Alex is no stranger to weightlifting meets, but this one will be her first experience on a regional level. She will be competing against lifters from around the region in an event hosted by USA Weightlifting. She, along with Coach Chennelle, will be traveling to the event.


About the Event
The competition is classified as the final Pan American Games qualification event, and it will also allow athletes the opportunity to qualify for August’s USA Weightlifting National Championships in Dallas.

Athletes who are not yet able to meet qualifying standards for USA Weightlifting’s national events can take this opportunity to lift alongside the best in the nation.  For more information visit USA Weightlifting.


Alex qualified for this event based on the results from her last three weightlifting competitions. All athletes who are participating in this event received special invitations and needed to meet certain standards in terms of lifting totals for the snatch and clean and jerk at USA sanctioned weightlifting events.


To learn more about Alex’s journey to this event, please read the Q and A below.


Tell Us About This Competition


The competition I am attending is the 2015 USA Weightlifting Regional Championship One.  Over the last few years the sport of weightlifting has grown exponentially. In response to that growth, USAW has added Regional Competitions in addition to the American Open and National Championships. The qualifying process is similar to that of the American Open or Nationals, you have to meet a certain total in a given time period to participate in the event.  



Did you expect to be attending?


I didn’t expect to be attending at all.


I had received an email stating that USAW would be having a Regional Championships this year, but I misread the time in which they took qualifying totals.  I thought that you had to post a qualifying total in the time frame of January 2015 – April 2015.  I haven’t competed yet this year, so I thought I was out of the running.  


It turns out that you actually had to have posted a qualifying total anywhere in March 2014 – March 2015. The total from my last meet at the MDUSA Fall Open qualified me to compete in the USAW Regional Championship.


How did you feel when you received the invitation?


The timing of the invitation was pretty great.  I had just finished up the first day of a weekend long weightlifting seminar and checked my email.  The subject read “Congratulations, You Qualified”.  My first thought was “I wonder why my spam filter didn’t catch this?” Then I saw who it was from, USAW.  Ok, now they have my attention.  


What was your immediate reaction?


My immediate reaction was “No Way!” and then directly to “This is awesome! I have to sit down and work out the logistics to see if I can go.” I took a minute to wrap my head around it all and immediately thought of who I could share this with that might appreciate it, or at least understand my excitement.


Who was the first person you told?


I contacted Coach Chennelle.  I told her I was thinking about going. I was pretty excited to have qualified to compete in an event like this. I often joke that Chennelle “created this monster”, as it was her and Raleigh CrossFit that introduced me to the world of weightlifting.


What did you do to prepare for this?


Well, I didn’t consciously do anything to prepare for this event specifically. What I did was what I have been doing every day, what I love to do, lifting.  

I spent last year competing in several meets just to gain a feeling for competing in a meet. I was focusing on trying to beat my total from my previous meet.  I was in competition with myself mainly, as well as learning what it takes to get up in front of spectators and lift heavy.  It’s a different type of mental challenge, and you only get three chances.

Mostly, I have been dedicated to lifting, finding ways to improve my lifting, working on gaining strength, and gaining a better understanding of technique. I have been consulting multiple resources, attending multiple clinics and certifications, trying to learn as much as I can, and then turning around and taking what I have learned and sharing it with other people.  One of the best ways to solidify what you have learned is to share it with another person.  

It’s safe to say every day that I have spent in “my corner” lifting and grinding day in and day out was all in preparation for this.  So, in a way, I am still preparing.


What events did you do in order to qualify to participate?


The events I competed in last year:

Out of Step Barbell Open 2 – May 2014 

2014 Summer Lift Off – June 2014 

Bull City Barbell Open – August 2014*

Training Valley Open – August 2014*

MDUSA Fall Open – September 2014*

*The totals from the last three meets listed were high enough to qualify.


What are you most looking forward to with this competition?


What I am looking forward most is the experience of competing in a high level competition.  I look forward to lifting with some of the best lifters in the US. This competition is filled with “heavy hitters”, and it will be amazing to watch and meet some of them. Overall, I’m excited to be there, to take it all in, and leave it all on the floor as usual.


What are your goals with this competition?


For this competition, I want to hit all my lifts, improve my overall total and have fun.  I also want to learn as much as I can while I am there.



Bio Information




Weight Class



Total (and Splits)

Highest competition total: 132kg / Snatch 55kg / C&J 77kg

Highest training total: 137kg / Snatch 58kg / C&J 79kg


Where did you grow up?

A few places

FL, NE, MN, and NC

I claim Raleigh, NC because it is the place I have stayed the longest.


When did you start with Raleigh CrossFit?


I started CrossFit at Raleigh CrossFit March 24, 2012.



When did you start focusing on Olympic lifting?


I made the switch to focusing solely on Olympic Weightlifting February 2014.



What goals did you have when you first started?


My goals when I first start CrossFit were to just get in shape and get stronger.



How have they changed?


My goals have evolved so much. They started as to get in shape and get healthier. After that, I wanted to test my limits -how hard or how long could I go and could I push myself further? Then I started to get interested in competitive CrossFit.  Then that evolved into a focus on Weightlifting, and it’s been full steam ahead.  Though my goals have changed over time one thing remains consistent, and that is no matter what I am doing, I do it with passion and put everything I have into it. 



The event will be webcast LIVE at http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Weightlifting/LIVE/live-stream


From the Coach: My First Open

Each of your coaches has participated in the Open, whether it is one year or 5 years (since 2011), each one of them has a first memory. We’ve reached out to them all to share their first CrossFit Games Open. This week is Coach Rebecca sharing her first memory.
“The first Open I did was in 2013.  My two CrossFit BFFs and I were trying to eat clean throughout the Open, so each week we had dinner together on Friday nights to make sure we ate well and went to bed early.  Then, after we did the workouts on Saturday and watched all of our friends go, we would go for a beer and a cheat meal before getting back on the “paleo/clean-eating” wagon.
Last year, every Thursday night we got together with friends to have a healthy dinner and watch the Open announcement live.
The Open workouts can be pretty miserable, but the Open itself can be a lot of fun if you make it a social event and embrace the community aspect of it by sticking around to cheer on your fellow athletes and celebrate a little bit.”
Each Saturday we do the Open Workouts.  You do not have to be a registered athlete with the Open to participate. Please join us. There are three workouts remaining.  Arrive at 830a or 1000a to participate. Heats begin sharply at 900a and 1030a.  You are responsible for warming up on your own upon arrival. We run heats as quickly as possible based on the judges available, time domain for the workout and equipment needs.
As Rebecca said, a big part of her CrossFit Open memories are the fun experiences with doing the challenging workouts with friends. Be sure to make memories of your own this year!
Coach Rebecca performing a clean and jerk in the Open event 15.1A.

Coach Rebecca performing a clean and jerk in the Open event 15.1A.


From Coach Atti – St. Paddy’s 8k Race


“Just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who joined us at the table during the St. Paddy’s Day run this past weekend.  I feel the day was a great opportunity to show Raleigh a little bit about CrossFit and our community.  Thank you Brian, Jennifer, Rosa, and Steve for making time to do some lifting outside, and participate in a short WOD in the park.  It was amazing to see how people stopped to watch you all in aww.  Very fun moment for me.  This event also allowed me to connect with the Carolina RailHawks soccer team and Fleet Feet.  Both organizations were very eager to connect with us for some exciting events to come.”


Raleigh CrossFit Bootcamps Starting April 6!

The Raleigh CrossFit Outdoor Bootcamps are back in action starting Monday, April 6! We will hold a 1-hour session with Coach Beth from 930-1030a at Fletcher Park. Email us today to sign up!


This is a no-contract bootcamp.  Each month you may decide to continue to the next month.


Register HERE!

– Click on “ONLINE STORE”


The Raleigh CrossFit Bootcamp has arrived because you all asked for it.

Did you know that Raleigh CrossFit was voted by the Raleigh community and beyond as “Best of in the Triangle” and “Best of North Carolina” by Endurance Magazine?  The same coaches that coach the athletes of Raleigh CrossFit are now moving outside for a special bootcamp geared towards athletes who want to train hard outside and have fun without a barbell.

The Raleigh CrossFit Bootcamp is a fitness program, designed and coached by the certified staff of Raleigh CrossFit.


The bootcamp is a no-contract training program. This means you pay for your month and then can decide to continue on a month-to-month basis.


Blogs By Bex: What Have You Learned?

Continuing this week with our “What Have You Learned?” series, I spoke with Alex Green. Alex will celebrate his one-year anniversary at Raleigh CrossFit this week- congratulations! He originally joined Raleigh CrossFit to improve his tennis game.

I play on multiple city tennis leagues throughout the year (played 70+ league matches and won 2 tournaments in 2014) and my goal was to be in better shape than anyone I face.

I remember my first workout like it was yesterday because I couldn’t move or breathe, was dead last, and very humbled.  Like a lot of us, I love competition!  I asked the guy next to me how long it takes before it gets easier and he laughed and said, “Um, it doesn’t!”  Uh oh!  What had I gotten myself into?  I wasn’t sure if I liked that or not, but something was different here.  I saw a group of people giving it their all no matter their strength, every time.  Now, I had been on the gym schedule over the years – you know, the January to February resolution schedule and then fallen off the wagon, but I never could figure out why. 

A year later, I now understand that it’s the competition and camaraderie we have that keeps us going.  I can walk in after a long day at the office and not have to think.  Sometimes that’s apparent and the coaches let me know to get those freaking elbows up!  (Mark, I’m working on it.) 

I used to think double unders were the coaches’ way of punishing me because I end up with gladiator style whip marks.  At the end of the day, it’s that feeling you get when you finally learn how to kip or double under, then you finally RX.  CrossFit has also made me better outside the box.  My other love is tennis and I have seen so much improvement on the tennis court. 

I have learned that patience, humility, and the ability to laugh at yourself goes a long way.  And you know what??  I finally got double unders, but I still can’t keep those freaking elbows up.  Always something! 

So true, Alex! It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing it, there is always something to work on! Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work!



Alex uses his training at Raleigh CrossFit to prepare him for tennis.

Alex uses his training at Raleigh CrossFit to prepare him for tennis.





Saturday, Feb. 7 – We are hosting the 2015 Valentine’s Partner Event. The event begins at 1000a and will go until completed.  There will be a class from 900-1000a if you are not participating in the event.

Saturday, Feb. 14 – Krispy Kreme Run – Coaches Chad, Graham, Chennelle and Kim will be running, along with several Raleigh CrossFit athletes.


Raleigh CrossFit Barbell Club 

The first Olympic Lifting course of the 2015 season is upon us!  It began on Tuesday, Jan. 5. This course is full, but if you are interested, we will be holding our first powerlifting/olympic lifting course in the Spring!   This course will combine the powerlifts (Squats, Deadlifts and Bench Press) with additional focus on the Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean and Jerk). Equal time will be spent on both and you will learn how to really hone in your technique for all five lifts, which are maintstays within the Raleigh CrossFit programming.  This course will run for 20 sessions, versus 16 sessions as the Olympic lifting course typically runs.  The course cost will be $225.  Based on previous speed at which these courses fill up, I wouldn’t wait.

The course will run from Tuesday, March 31 until June 6 every Tuesday from 615-745p and Saturday from 900a-1030a.

If you are interested in securing a place in this course (I can tell you that the Winter Olympic Lifting Course sold out in a week), please email me at raleighcrossfit@gmail.com or message me on Facebook.

Also, this course completion will fulfill a prerequisite to participate in our newly established Raleigh CrossFit Barbell Club.  This club is just starting and requirements  of participation include completing an Olympic Lifting Course with Raleigh CrossFit or completing a test out of the movements required to perform the programming (squats, deadlift, bench press, snatch and clean and jerk). This programming is entirely separate from the main Raleigh CrossFit programming.  We are launching it do the the requests of our athletes to have a class that specifically involves “LIFTING HEAVY”!

The RCF Barbell Club will officially launch in February, but if you are interested, please reach out to Chennelle via email at raleighcrossfit@gmail.com or via Facebook messenger for more information. There is also a link on our website.



Join us for our annual Valentine's Day Partner WOD!

Join us for our annual Valentine’s Day Partner WOD!

2015 Valentine’s Day Partner WOD!

Get ready! This workout has been a Raleigh CrossFit tradition since 2012!

Date: Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015

Time: 1000a-100p

Registration: Closed

Information: 2-person, partner workout. The workout will be modifiable/scalable for all levels.  Find your favorite partner!

Rowing and Swag

Sign up for our free rowing clinic - beginner and experienced.

Sign up for our free rowing clinic – beginner and experienced.

Rowing Clinics Coming This Saturday and Next

Sign up at the front desk for a FREE, FREE, FREE rowing clinic.  There are a few spots remaining. We will have a beginner class for those who wish to learn the basics. This is Saturday, Jan. 24 from 1000-1100a.  For those that have taken a rowing clinic previously, we have an experienced class on Saturday, Jan. 31 at 1000-1100a. There are a few spots left in that class as well.  Take advantage of these FREE clinics!  Whether it’s rowing or otherwise.  These are additional opportunities to become better at what you already love to do. Why not love it more?


Valentine’s Partner WOD

We extended the registration deadline to Friday. If you want to participate, please register via the link below.  Additionally, our friends from Runologie and Inov-8 will be on-site to answer questions about their store, running programs and Inov-8 shoes.  Athletes will have a chance to wear the shoes during their events on Saturday, Feb. 7. If you want a t-shirt but your partner does not, register for “no shirt” and email me with your shirt request.  There is not fee to participate, only if you want a special shirt, so don’t let that keep you from having an awesome time with fellow CrossFit friends from CrossFit Sanford and Forged Fitness. This event is entirely scalable for all levels. It is not a competition. It is a partner workout event and intended to be no-stress, just fun with fellow athletes.


Door prizes as well!  Perhaps some gift cards from local restaurants!


Join us for our annual Valentine's Day Partner WOD!

Join us for our annual Valentine’s Day Partner WOD!

2015 Valentine’s Day Partner WOD!

Get ready! This workout has been a Raleigh CrossFit tradition since 2012!

Date: Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015

Time: 1000a-100p

Registration: For more information follow this link.

Information: 2-person, partner workout. The workout will be modifiable/scalable for all levels.  Find your favorite partner!

T-Shirts: Will be available for pre-sale ($25). When you register, you can choose to register with a shirt or without.


2015 Valentine's Partner WOD. Saturday, Feb. ,7, 2014.

2015 Valentine’s Partner WOD. Saturday, Feb. ,7, 2014.

Pre-Order Women’s T-Shirts

There will be a pre-order form for those wanting to purchase a women’s t-shirt in our next, limited batch edition shirts. These shirts will be envy green, women’s cut, tri-blend.

The women's cut is available in S, M, L, XL, XXL. Taking Pre-Orders only.

The women’s cut is available in S, M, L, XL, XXL. Taking Pre-Orders only.

New Unisex Shirts Arriving February 2015

These will be available in unisex sizes only, like we always have. Tri-blend fabric. Two color options: Heather Gray and Envy green.  Arriving in February 2015.   You do not need to pre-order these, although if you want to reserve one, that’s not a bad idea. They go fast, as you all know.



Unisex sizes available in S, M, L, XL, XXL. No pre-order needed for these.

Unisex sizes available in S, M, L, XL, XXL. No pre-order needed for these.



A big congratulations goes out to Marcie “Sheeza” and Alex for their third place finish out of 107 teams at the 2015 War of the WODs event in Greensboro this past weekend.  This is the second podium finish in major competitions for Raleigh CrossFit. Additionally, Coach Chad and RCF athlete Danon finished 9th of 67 teams, a very challenging group to compete against. There were numerous teams participating and many athletes competing for the first time.  Way to grab the bull by the horns and put your fitness to the test.  So proud of Raleigh CrossFit any time we represent ourselves in the community. We are always remembered as friendly, competitive, strong, community-focused athletes.  We are humble winners and competitors. We let the actions speak for our abilities and our presence represent who we are as people and athletes.  Thank you everyone for always being committed to doing so and this goes for the athletes and spectators!