Valentine’s Day WOD 2013

Check back to this page for updates and heat information.  Registration for the event closes Monday, Jan. 28, 2013.

“In union there is strength.” – Aesop


HEATS and JUDGING SCHEDULE – Everyone is in a heat and everyone is judging. Please note that the athlete and event schedule meeting is at 830a for everyone!!

Heats will begin at 900a, so judges and athletes be ready.


TRAVEL INFORMATION:  Hillsborough and Peace St. will be closed anytime between 800a-??? So please plan your route accordingly to arrive at the gym.


Check out this map for the Krispy Kreme road race route. You can see what roads will be closed.




There will be no altering of the schedule.


2nd Annual Valentine’s Day WOD at Raleigh CrossFit


Date: Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013


Time: 9:00 a.m. start. The gym will be open at 8:00 a.m. This will be the only training for Raleigh CrossFit on this day. Regular schedule for Sunday at 9:00 a.m.


Location: Raleigh CrossFit at 15 N. West Street, Raleigh, NC


Who: Raleigh CrossFit, CrossFit Clayton, CrossFit Sanford, East Coast CrossFit and Anderson Creek CrossFit.  This event is by invitation only to those who are athletes of the named affiliates above.


What: 3 WODs; 3 divisions (M/W, M/M, W/W), 2 classes (Rx, Scaled).  Therefore, there are 6 team categories; Co-ed Rx, Male-Male Rx, Female-Female Rx and Co-ed Scaled, Male-Male Scaled, Female-Female Scaled.


Cost: $30 for the partnership, CASH only.


Winnings:  Money prizes will be awarded to the champion and runner-up of each category. The first place winners, as a partnership, from each Rx category will be awarded $100 and from each scaled category $60.  The runner-up pair from each Rx category will be awarded $50 and from each scaled category $40.


In the event there is a tie, there are two tie-breaker challenges on the ready.


Registration: Register with your affiliate owner. Provide payment to your affiliate owner as well. Each affiliate owner will provide payment for their athletes, as well as the names of each athlete, their partnership, division and class. Registration closes on Monday, Jan. 28, 2013 at midnight. Everyone must be registered in order to participate. There will be no late entries, as we need time to schedule heats and judges.


You can only register once. Once you complete your heat with your partner, you are done. For example, you cannot compete co-ed then also do same gender or do Rx and then do scaled.


Judges: We need judges. I will be taking judges from those who volunteer first.  I will arrange heats accordingly so that you have time to warm-up/cool-down.  If you don’t want to participate, but want to judge, please let your affiliate owner know.


Schedule: Once the registration has been completed, heats and times will be announced.  We will be scheduling events such that your participation as a judge will also be needed.  If you do not wish to participate, but want to judge, please let your affiliate owner know that as well, or contact Chennelle directly at  If you wish to participate and do not have a partner, please let your affiliate owner know and whether you want to do Rx or scaled.

Teams will be participating in all three WODs. We will move through the heats and WODs as quickly as possible.

Post-WOD meal at Natty Green’s around the corner on Jones St.


Directions: Please be aware that Peace Street and portions of Hillsborough Street will be closed due to a road race beginning at 8:30 a.m. Please prepare for alternate routes to arrive early to warm-up. I recommend avoiding Hillsborough Street and Peace Street altogether.  There should be no issues when leaving after the workout.


The gym will be open at 8:00 a.m.


Contact: (919) 229-4075 or email


Parking: Some parking lot spots available. Additional spots are available across the street and in the parking deck next door.



WOD INFORMATION: Please read each WOD carefully.


Two of the three WODs are listed below with movement requirements. The final WOD (WOD #3) will be announced the day of the event.



WOD 1: 3 minute AMRAP Ground-to-Overhead


Each athlete will have 3 minutes to perform as many ground-to-overhead as possible.  The athlete may choose any way to get the bar from the ground to overhead (clean and jerk, snatch, clean and push press, etc.). You can choose the weight. However, you cannot change the weight during the WOD.  You do not have to use the same movement throughout the 3 minutes. Games standards for movements; i.e. full extension at elbows overhead and arms behind ears. Athlete must completely stand with hips at full extension.


Athlete may not touch bar until time begins. No rep will be counted unless it has met the requirements and must be completed within the time.


Each athlete must present the weight they intend to use during their 3 minutes to the judge before the start of the heat.


Score is equal to the (Partner 1 number of reps completed x weight used) plus (Partner 2 number of reps completed x weight used).  For example: P1: 10 reps x 135 lbs = 1350, P2: 10 reps x 95 lbs = 950; 1350 + 950 = 2300


Rx and scaled for both men and women is set by the individual/team.


WOD 2: 10 minute AMRAP – “Fire“


Complete as many reps as possible in 10 minutes following the rep scheme below:

2 Front Rack Barbell Box Step Ups

2 Toes-to-Bar

4 Front Rack Barbell Box Step Ups

4 Toes-to-Bar

6 Front Rack Barbell Box Step Ups

6 Toes-to-Bar

Continue to add 2 reps to each movement per round.


Rx Men: 115 pounds, toes-to-bar, 20 in. box; Scaled Men: 65 pounds, 20 in. box and 20 pound medicine ball AbMat sit-ups.

Rx Women: 75 pounds, toes-to-bar and 20 in. box; Scaled Women: 45 pounds, 20 in. box and 14 pound medicine ball AbMat sit-ups.


Score is equal to total reps completed for the team within the 10 minute time cap. For example, if as a pair you finished 1 round plus 4 front rack barbell step ups, your score would be: 8.

Partners will alternate rounds in the following manner: Partner 1 completes 2 front rack barbell box step ups and then must pass barbell to partner 2 before advancing on to toes-to-bar or weighted sit-ups.  Partner 1 must complete toes-to-bar before partner 2 can begin the step ups.  A partner may not advance to the toes-to-bar or weighted sit-ups until he or she has passed the barbell to their partner. If the partner places the barbell onto the floor at any time, they must get the barbell back into front rack position until the partner retrieves it to continue performing step-ups. You may leave the bar on the floor, however, the other partner must stop working until the bar is back in the front rack position and each team will be assessed a 2 rep penalty each time the bar is placed onto the ground.  If this is a co-ed partnership, he or she may not put the barbell to the ground to advance to toes-to-bar until the other partner has their barbell in the rack position.  Again, the barbell must be racked in order for everyone to be working and a 2-rep penalty will be assessed each time the bar is placed on the ground. If the bar is resting on the ground, the other partner must stop working on reps and a 2 rep penalty is given each time the bar touches the floor.


This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 20, go on to 22. If you complete 24, go on to 26, etc.


Front Rack Barbell Step Ups: Athlete must hold barbell in front rack position as they would for a standard front squat. Athlete begins the movement with the bar in the front rack position and standing on the floor. The athlete will take a step onto the box. The movement is complete when both feet are completely on the box and the hips are at full extension and when the athlete returns both feet to the ground. If time expires while on top of the box, the rep is not complete.


Toes-to-Bar: In the Toes-to-bar, the athlete must go from a full hang to having the toes touch the pull-up bar. Both feet must touch the bar together at some point. The arms and hips must be fully extended at the bottom and the feet must be brought back to behind the bar, not out front.


Weighted AbMat Sit-Ups: With a medicine ball held to chest, bottoms of feet touching and legs in a butterfly position, athlete must lower shoulders until they touch the floor. Rep is completed when the athlete touches the ball to their toes and then back to chest.

WOD 3 – To be announced on the day of the event.

Tie breaker events are available if necessary.


Please contact Chennelle at Raleigh CrossFIt with any questions.  Send an email to